Mark Whitaker is a WEMT, working as a volunteer for his two local, rural fire departments in Southwest Washington state.

He has been leading sea kayaking trips and coaching kayaking and canoeing skills since 2004, and was a part owner and operations manager for Columbia River Kayaking for 11 years.

In other prior lives he was an Eagle Scout, a punk rock dishwasher, a foreign car mechanic and a hippie logger and portable sawmill operator.  He fishes and hunts, takes pictures, and walks in the woods with his dog whenever possible. He lives on 15 acres of temperate coastal rainforest near the Columbia River estuary, and also spends as much time as possible at a remote, off-grid cabin in the Okanogan Highlands, near the other end of the Columbia River.

He owns and operates Cascadia Wilderness Medicine, bringing WMA courses to the Pacific Northwest and beyond.